Sunday, September 18, 2011

One More Week

One more crazy week at school and one more week til our cruise with Tim. I had fun this week seeing all my creative stamping friends in St. Augustine on Monday. Tuesday, the Cult came over and we did a new tag. I'll post directions on the Tag Book page under Sept 13th. Tuesday was also our 36th Anniversary. My husband sent me roses to school and I took him to the Publix deli for dinner. We did make it out to eat on Wednesday before I taught my applique class. The girls are doing very well with their stitches; they all seem to prefer the "glue" method. Next week I will show them my favorite: needle-turn. Midterm grades were due this week (already!) and I had over 100 notebooks and 100 tests to grade. Luckily, technology broke down (we do online grades) and I have the weekend to finish and post; sometimes there is a silver lining. I created a sample for my next charm swap: birds (instead of planning curriculum for my week off school).  I need to look at for a bit to see if I am done with the design. I plan on bring this project onboard with me.

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