Charm Swaps

I started thinking that these treasures needed a page of their own. I am so excited to be a part of this swap; the talent is amazing. We are eight in our group and have decided to swap every other month. I volunteered to be the hostess for the first month and chose the theme of ocean. Mail was a little slow (probably because of hurricane Irene) and we were getting a bit anxious over the safety arrival of the Kentucky work but they actually arrived right on time. I do have a request for the next swap-send a note with the number of swaps you are sending. Maya sent her work early and I took a peek, but didn't count the charms. When I went to swap them around, I could not find one! I did panic a bit (those of you who know me know how frequently I misplace items right in front of me). Luckily she responded quickly and told me that she had already swapped with Kathy. It does make sense for us not to send all the Palm Coast swaps to KY only to have you send them right back--since we see each other all the time.

Our rules are simple: no larger than 2" long (about the size of a domino) the end should be a jump ring (if you want a lobster claw, you can easily attach one yourself); work in any color metal that strikes your muse (or that you have in your stash); use any technique/material is acceptable to interpret the theme.  Mine is to the right

Kathy and Maya are to the left. Great minds must think alike.

To the right are Elaine and Anita's pieces. It's not surprise to me that Anita decided to create such a beautiful angel. Isn't Elaine's packaging just incredible? I love how well the charms compliment each other.

             Next are Lisa and Tobi's work. 
Elaine has tried out each charm on a silver chain and says that they are eye-chatching pieces of jewelry.

Joyce worked with driftwood; what a great idea!
Upcoming themes include:
        Nov 1: Birds  for Tobi (I had an idea for this one before I decided on how I was going to    interpret "ocean."
        Jan 1: Wizard of Oz for Joyce (I panicked at first, but then decided there were lots of images floating in my brain.
       Mar 1: Floral for Lisa (like ocean, this will take me forever to make up my mind because there are so many options.
      May 1: Alice in Wonderland for Maya--hmmm. I may have to sit down  with the book because it's been a while.
      July 1:Heritage/Vintage for Anita (not a surprising topic for anyone that knows Anita)
      Sept 1:  Human for Kathy (this will take some thinking)
      Nov 1: Elaine's turn to pick a topic. She decided on Patriotic because of election being held.

November 2011: For the Birds!
 This Bluebird of Happiness comes from Elaine. Our bluebirds are almost identical and I love the wonderful birdhouse bead. I just had to share the beautiful packaging; she had this slid into an organdy jewelry bag. Below is Lisa's swap. The shrink charm is so delicate.

 Anita swapped the Birds and the Bees. The leaf base was grunge board that she painted with distress crackle.

The next three include bird nests; it's interesting to see how we each used different materials to interpret the theme. The first wrapped nest with lucite leaves comes from Tobi. The packaging is just prefect. Next is my contribution, I used zipper tape and a dyed ribbon rose for the nest. My nest egg is a small dyed pearl. The next nest is from Kathy. I love how she hand painted a feather onto a piece of leather.

The last two charms from Joyce and Maya depict owls. I was actually surpised that more of us didn't use an owl in our charms because they have been such a popular motif over the past year.

It is past time to decide on an idea for next month: Wizard of Oz. I have several thoughts, but they are pretty random. That January 1 deadline will be here before I know it.

January 2012: The Magic of Oz
Here are some, but we are still missing a couple. I will add them as soon as they arrive. I have to say that I found this one challenging, but I absolutely love the results. It's not a surprise that Anita (right) and I (left)interpreted the theme in a similiar manner.
To make the shoe I drew and cut a shoe from shrink plastic, and using the the Tim Holtz suggestion from one of his 12 tags, I added the cut plastic shoe in a melting pot of utee. Just one word: awesome! To finish it up I placed the shoe back in a clean, empty, but hot pot, to slightly remelt and then sprinkled it with glitter. The backs can be colored with alcohol ink if necessary.
Elaine used shrink after cutting an image with her Slice. I am not sure what she used to color her witch - maybe copics.
The Emerald City came from Lisa. I can't begin to guess how she did such a neat job.

I have to say that so far, Kathy's is my favorite interpretation of the theme: The legs are shrink and the book is cut from the spine of an actual child's book.

The packaging is just as delightful as the wonderful charms.

Tobi did a great job interpreting the "tornado". These are all so much fun.

MARCH 2012: Beautiful Flowers
Anita used tissue paper flowers.
Joyce and I both used the acrylic flowers - I always think of warm, fall colors when I think of Joyce.
Elaine took a trip back memory lane. She used her copics to color the rick-rack.

This one is Maya's. I don't know how she put the image in the glass.

Kathy used a beautiful wooden bead for her charm. I love the packaging.

Lisa altered a domino for her charm.

Tobi did a beautiful job with her basket of beaded flowers. I love the coils of wire for the flower center - and have never seen the silver basket like this.  Our next trade has the theme of "Alice in Wonderland" and I have an idea for a flamingo.

Alice in Wonderland is the theme for the June swap

First is my flamingo. She came out just as I imagined - it just took a bit of time and every last bead of blue in the bottle!

Lisa and Elaine looked to the "queen" for their creations.

Joyce and Tobi took "time" for their inspiration

Anita interpreted the theme combining "time" and "tea" elements. She used tiny watch parts in the "tube" bead of her charm and a picture of her grandmother's tea cup in the bottlecap.

Kathy also used "tea" elements - creating her pieces from clay - isn't this miniature perfect?
Maya took the collage patch - combining several elements from the theme. Each of her creations is different.

July 2012: Heritage
This is my interpretation of the theme. The cameos are a Webster product. I posted about my my other creations here.

Here is another look at Tobi's piece
Lisa has a beautiful pearl button as her inspiration

Kathy collaged some vintage trinkets
Elaine's charms for Vintage
Joyce's charm for vintage
Anita's includes items from her grandmothers sewing box
September Charm Swap
This month is Kathy's chosen theme: Human. I have to say it was a bit of a tough one - my mind went in too many directions and it was tough to make a choice. I finally decided to use a domino and some zentangles based on some inspiration from my newest best friends on pinterest. I am addicted to this site; there are so many wonderful ideas - I just wish I had time to play all day.
Here is Anita's interpretation; I love all the different beads.
Lisa had a great interpretation
 Kathy used a fork - how awesome!
 Elaine did a great job with shrink
 Joyce made me smile with her charm
November 2012: Patriotic Theme
Anita was the first one done this month (Elaine is finished too - and used the same idea! What a surprise)