Saturday, September 10, 2011

No time to play this week

Work has interrupted my play time this week. I picked up the "big" quilt. Don't you think it looks great? I really like the quilting design. Keep it a secret until Christmas! I still have to do the binding; maybe I can get it done this weekend-otherwise it may be a while (knowing me it will be Christmas Eve).  My only creative activity this week has been to pick out some yarn for a neat scarf and think about what quilt I want to make for the guest room since I haven't found a spread that I like. I was going to use a shorter one and a dust ruffle, but I like the look of the spread so I guess it's going to be another big one.
It's been a good week, but busy: Cult night was Monday (we shared, but were not very creative this week), started the first week of a basic hand applique class at the shop (I still can't believe that my sample walked out the door of the shop), had open house at the high school (working a 5 to 9 day), and then finally Friday's open house for our lab preschool and a lovely night out at the beach with my husband and friends (eating and listening to a band). I am feeling lazy this morning, just sitting and drinking my Earl Gray and reading. Grace is coming home for the weekend and it's been a while so I guess we will be doing some girl things-shopping and nails (unless she has plans with her friends, then I can be beading with Anita).

I am looking forward to the online technique class that Anita and I signed up for that starts soon. I am also getting excited for the Holtz cruise and trying to decided on meaningful projects (that can be done by a sub) while I am gone; as well as what projects I am going to bring with me to work on for the week.  It's going to be busy this week too: we have St Augustine Stamp Club, Cult night, quilt class, a friend coming over to scrap and then it's the weekend again! Somehow I have to sandwich in time to grade 100 notebooks for school-I can't believe that it's time for mid-term grades already.

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