Aug 22: Elaine and I took a dangling earring class at Bead Bar in Orlando this past Sunday. We left about 10:30 and had time to enjoy a delicious chicken salad sandwich at Shakers across the street before our clas started. The project was time consuming (mostly because it is just so darn hard to see and stitch with size 15 seeds).  The green one with the leaves takes a lot of time, but the second pair with just fringe went rather quickly.  I am making small flowers for the green pair as soon as Elaine is done with the pink seed beads. 
Aug3: While cleaning and organizing my bead stuff (long overdue) I found some projects that were waiting for me to finish (creating is an avoidance technique for cleaning). I made an earring and necklace set for myself (I love these lampwork beads). I just used jump rings to attached the teardrop shapes to a chain. The stone earrings match a necklace I made in the spring and the peace sign earrings are for my daughter, Grace (to match her tattoo!).  I also found some glass flip-flop beads that I think are going to be perfect for my cruise charm swap.
My husband noticed that I put the peace sign unside-down; so I had to go back and change them. !Oops

This is my first attempt at encrusted beading and I am hooked!

I used this as the decoration for a cell phone bag that I made for Anita. I was so pleased with how it looked and it was so hard to keep it a secret; I just wanted to share.

Now if I can just find more time because I have soooo many more ideas.

This weekend, July 16, the "Cult Beaders" met and exchanged our spirit dolls. They came out so nice and were fun to make. We decided to design another-in blue this time-and exchange again. No date was set for the exchange; the last one took 4 months. We didn't set a date last time and none of us finished until a date was set -- and then we all worked at the last minute.

We picked numbers for the exchange, this is the doll that I made and Anita won. The ceramic button is one that I have had for many years. My greatest challenge was making the bird's nest for her head. It came out just how I wanted.  She is named "Birds and Bees"

Joyce made this doll; she even decorated the back side. I love the lucite flower that she used and how she used bugle beads for the hair.

Elaine made this cutie for me. I love the wild hair; I can relate. The green roses down the front are made of metal.
Anita made Flora. She is dainty and also decorated on the back. The hair is a wonderful twisted bead braid. I love the loopy fringe on the underside of her arms.
Anita made these babies: on the left is the one that she designed for Deb for Christmas. I love the asymetrical look.
On the right is another baby made by Anita for Jan's Christmas present; complete with butterfly and flamingo.
Here is the baby that I made for Kathryn - just because she is so nice.

For Kitty's birthday I made her a butterfly baby to celebrate her free spirit.

July 2012
Spirit Doll Swap on October 27, 2012
Here is my doll given to Elaine - a memory of Alaska - both the flower: Forget Me Not and the beading style. I found it was a bit a a challenge to stitch this style of bead embroidery after the doll is stuffed and finished. Next time I will work on a flat surface.

 Next is the baby given to Joyce from Elaine. She makes me smile and reminds me of Mardi Gras, which is so appropriate since Joyce lived in New Orleans.
Next up is Joyce's baby given to Anita. She is so elegant, front and back. 

Last, but not least, is my new baby from Anita. I am in awe of her efforts.


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