Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing and Finishing Projects

This has been a clean up week; the end of vacation is near and I still have some summer goals to meet. I worked on the "Big Quilt." The top is pieced and I need to make decisions about borders. I will post it on the quilt page as soon as I really finish.

It's time to start thinking about school so I spent about 8 hours organizing files on my school laptop; not fun, but necessary for a less stressful school year. It's two years of not always putting stuff away-and just needing to throw old ideas away-because my computer was stolen from a workshop last summer and I didn't get to reload my back up until school resumed. (Thank goodness I had backed up files before I left school instead of waiting until after organizing the files-psychic, I think).

I finished cleaning up my bead stuff; not sure if I like all the changes, but time will tell. Yes, I found lots of lost treasure. My head is spinning with more project ideas. I finished the repair pile (mostly from Grace), a couple UFOs and actually made new items. (creating is an avoidance technique that I use for cleaning).

  My most wonderful achievement was accomplished with Michael's help: trying to corral my ribbon. We made these nifty holders a couple of years ago, but I constantly knock them over. I have seen this organizational idea on several others posts and it works great. We screwed the gutters into the wall; tried velcro Command strips but they kept separating. As you can see, I need to head back to the hardware store for another row; afterall, I have been collecting for 25 years. (Remember, I did confess to several obsessions.)  I slipped the loose pieces onto binder rings and hung them up too. They were in boxes, hanging from shelves..... My new goal is to use ribbon! I am thinking of a challenge for my St. Augustine stamp group: giving them a piece of ribbon and asking them to use it for a "show and tell" item the next month.

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