Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beach Charm Swap for September

I survived the first week of school. Actually, it went much smoother than I expected; however, I was as tired as I expected and didn't get much done outside of school work this week. Yesterday I played. The day started with breakfast out: Michael and I drove the Miata down A1A to see the waves from Irene on our way to eat in Ormond (yummy apple fritters at Peaches) and then came back through the tunnel of  trees in Tomoka. Anita had to run an errand in Jacksonville so I went along for the ride. We made the round of shops: Small Cleverness (found the new rolled flower punch and picked up the die cuts and journal stamps that I had ordered and a new Zentangle book that I really like); next stop was Country Crossroads for some quilt fabric; lunch at Chilis; then on to the PIT scrapbook store (some Ranger mists and more binder rings). We arrived back home to find that Michael had decided to trade in his pickup for a new Jeep Wrangler. We drove it to St. A for dinner at the Mexican restaurant. I don't find it comfortable to drive, but it's his car. My diet is shot today-eating out three times! This morning I decided to concentrate on finishing my September 1 charm swaps (instead of school work), expecially since the deadline is just around the corner.
Like most "Ocean" themes, I had too many ideas swimming around in my brain and it took me a while to decide how I wanted to interpret this theme. I found the perfect shells last weekend when I took the earring class with Elaine at the Bead Bar in Orlando. I had the shell chain in my stash, made the sample last weekend and spent this morning making loops and dangles. The charms are all done, now the challenge is to figure out how to package them-to look nice and to keep them safe.
As soon as I receive the rest of the swaps I will post a picture on my new Charm Swap page.

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