Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seahorse Beaded Mini Quilt

This is the batik fabric that I found on our last cult road trip. I was pleasantly surprised to find the perfect seahorse bead -- from my stash! I know I bought it to make something for Cait (my daughter who briefly ventured into the realm of breeding seahorses).

I think I am done; I need to just put down my needle and walk away because I keep adding more stitching and more beads. These quilts are so addictive. I will put close up pics on the quilt page as soon as I get the back done. (I am waiting until after I teach this class so they can see the mess.)

I used some yarn as cording around this one. (Anita's suggestion)  No dangling fringe--unless I can't resist and pick up my needle again.

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