Monday, July 18, 2011

Finishing the Beaded MiniQuilt

When you have finished embroidering and embellishing the front of the quilt, it is time to make the beaded fringe. I made 7 dangles that hang about 1 1/4" apart. Use fireline and be sure to knot each dangle individually before moving to the next. On this one I did a loop that connects each dangle.

Next, it's time to make the back look just as nice. You need to make a label for your quilt. I used wonder under with a light colored solid and ran it through my die cut machine. I stamped using a permanent ink (VersaFine).  I also used colored pencils to add some color. Since it's not going to be washed it doesn't matter if it's not permanent. Iron your label on a piece of felt.

I stitch the felt over the back to cover all the loose stitches. Any stitch is fine (I used a blanketstitch here, but a simple running stitch works too) but just stitch through the backing fabric and felt and not through to the front.

I like using the "Monthly Mini" wire quilt hangers from Ackfeld Wire . To make a casing for hanging the quilt, add a piece of 5/8" wide ribbon across the top of the quilt back. First neatly attach (blind stitch or whip stitch) the top edge. To add space for the wire hanger, use a knitting needle or pencil under the ribbon before stitching the bottom edge of the ribbon. Jump over to the quilting page to see pictures of this quilt finished.

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