Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky Time

I can't believe that it's the end of October already and that it's been a month since the cruise. I haven't finished my cruise projects but I did finish knitting a scarf that I started before the cruise. It was easy and fun to make - I think I would like one in pink if the weather ever cools down so I can wear them.  I've also been busy with school work: designing new online projects. It's been fun, but trying to use technology, especially new online tools, is always challenging.

Last weekend we celebrated "Stamp Out Breast Cancer" at Claire's in St. Augustine. It was an all day fundraiser with make-and-takes and lots of door prizes. I was so surprised to win the big basket. I divided up all the goodies to share with the Cult. There was golfing and rub-ons for Jan, Angels for Anita, Halloween for Joyce, embossing paste for Deb, Birthday for Kitty and some sweet flowers for Elaine. 

I did two make-and-takes: the Halloween candy treat and a zentangle card. The treat was real easy: Cut decorative paper the height of a flat candy bar (or any other flat item like a gift card or lotto ticket) and wide enough to loosely around the item. Glue the side and bottom closed leaving the top edge open. Decorate as desired (I used an embossed belly band with punched and stamped embellishments).

Use a slot punch about 1/2 inch from the open end on both the front and back of the pouch (or make a slit that the ribbon slides through easily). To finishing assembling, remove the candy item, thread the ribbon through the slots on both sides so the ends are equal (time to add a tag if desired); push the candy item into the pouch between the strands of ribbon and over the center of the ribbon so the ribbon catches on the bottom of the candy. Once the candy is snug in pouch, tie a knot or bow just above the opening. If you use a belly band, slide it up to cover the slots. The candy will appear like magic when you tug on the ribbon. I am making more of these treats to use as  prizes for my students who did the best job on their projects this past week.  They really enjoyed this treat; they love chocolate and had a good time making the candy slide in and out.

I also made some "cell phone bling" for student rewards. These charms were made for students earning a perfect score on their Child Abuse and Neglect test.

Since I am sharing treat ideas, I also want to share Anita's gift. She used a small box die cut (or just make your own) and wrapped it decorative paper. I love the treat inside: a granola thin and square marshmallow and instructions to layer and microwave for a few seconds to make a s'more. What's not to love about chocolate and marshmallow?

Seeing as the dogs awoke at 4 am today, I also experimented with new muffin tops today, pear with maple; and they are great! Here are the directions if you are interested. Preheat your oven to 375. Lightly spray a muffin top pan with Pam. Dice or mash 1c of fruit (pear was used today) Using a one cup dry measure, pour in a package of flavored, instant oatmeal (maple in this case). Fill the rest of this one cup dry measure with bisquik. Dump these into a bowl and add 1 tsp baking powder and mix well. In a wet measuring cup, add 1/4c egg beater and a single serving of unsweetened applesauce and blend. Add the egg mixture to the dry mixture and stir just until blended, fold in the fruit. You can also add a handful (about 1/4c) of chopped nuts for crunch. Spoon the mixture onto a muffin top pan. I usually sprinkle just a bit of coarse sugar on top. This makes 6 muffin tops that are about 100-125 calories each. Bake about 25 to 30 minutes; it depends on the amount of moisture in the fruit. I can tell you that raspberries took a long time!

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