Monday, January 16, 2012

A nice long weekend

I can't believe how fast time is flying; it feels like break was forever ago although I just finished putting away the last of the Christmas decorations. I also just uploaded the rest of the pictures from our cult progressinve holiday party. Check out my Friendship page to see the slide show.

Saturday, my daughter, Cait, came over to play. She started making wirework jewelry (ironic if you know Cait - she never wears jewelry and doesn't have pierced ears) for presents and is now selling pieces. I wish I had taken pictures of her "Golden Snitch." She is a Harry Potter fan and works at the attraction at Universal. For my upcoming birthday she made me this pair of earrings to match our new "Cult" shirts.  She came up this weekend to use my toys to work out some packaging for her work. We played (and ate at Thai) and played and came up with two designs that she liked. I started cranking them out on my Vagabond, and then it jammed. We can't get it unstuck and it made a horrible noise (gears stripping). I ordered a new machine yesterday - I love using that machine and can't live without it so it's a good think my birthday is around the corner. I will be more careful about how I sandwich dies.

I spent yesterday working on December journals for Christmas presents for 2012 because I enjoyed working on mine so much. I had bought paper pads on sale right after the holiday for 70% off and have cut the pages and covers for 8 books. I got numbers embossed for two sets (a real struggle since my dog hates the noise of the heat gun). I plan to die cut glitter numbers for another set - soon :(  It's a good thing that I have such a large craft table - it's covered in pages in various stages of being spritzed. I've used my a bottle of the white perfect pearls mist. I've got to add it to my Stamp Fest shopping list.

Joyce gave me my charm swaps from some of the other girls so check out the Charm Swap page; scroll down to the January entry.  She is still waiting for two more sets which I will post as soon as they arrive. Today is for catch-up: laundry, bill, grocery shopping, reading in the sunshine by the pool, journaling, taking pictures and posting - just enjoying slices of life.

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